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Roberto Fernández

Roberto Fernández is a biologist focused on ecosystem health, who has been working in and near ACG since 2013 monitoring wildlife in geothermal projects - an activity that led him to develop a close relationship with GDFCF and ACG, and its different biomonitoring activities.

Since the beginning of 2019, he has been working as Associate Scientific Advisor for GDFCF, acting as support to the team of parataxonomists in ACG and as an assistant in the process of developing the BioAlfa project for Costa Rica.

Most of his life has been spent in rural areas of Costa Rica, in close relationship with nature; it is the reason why he has developed a clear understanding of the need for bio-development of natural resources.

His work as a field biologist in energy production projects helped spur his interest in the health of ecosystems. This impelled him to pursue a master's degree in conservation medicine from the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (National University of Costa Rica).

Before working at ACG, Roberto worked in the development and execution of biological monitoring and environmental monitoring programs in multiple energy production projects in Costa Rica.