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Assisting ACG Biomanagement

Botarrama restoration plantation

Sign near the entrance of Sector Rincón Rain Forest noting the role of key GDFCF supporters (the Wege Foundation and the International Conservation Fund of Canada) in the restoration and protection of this region of ACG.

A complex effort to achieve long-lasting conservation through the social integration and non-damaging biodiversity development of a large complex tropical wildland contains hundreds of small moving parts that unexpectedly require purchase or repair not anticipated in any particular budget or plan — a new boat motor, a failed water pump, servicing an unanticipated tourism need, coping with early stage climate change impacts, etc. We specialize in helping Área de Conservación Guanacaste (ACG) meet these demands on time and with no government budget.

GDFCF assists protected areas management at ACG, both as a manager of three of eighteen sectors of the ACG and by aiding needed repairs and upgrades to various facilities and equipment throughout ACG. Over time this has included fixing bridges, resurfacing back country roads, repairing boats, providing new telecommunications equipment, and maintenance of buildings. Given the rugged and remote terrain of ACG, one of the primary areas that GDFCF has been able to assist is in providing four wheel drive vehicles for use by park staff.

GDFCF also supports innovative research projects in ACG, including one focused on nesting sea turtles and the prey/predator relationship with jaguars, as well as a project on the dietary and habitat needs of neotropical migrant birds [SEE SEA TURTLE AND BIRD RESEARCH].

GDFCF brings critical assistance and a rapid response capability to the frequently strained and uncertain public budgets that affect conservation throughout the region. This creates an ever-bubbling wish list of ways you can help.