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Jessie Hill

Kilaeua, Hawai'i

Daughter of a Philadelphia judge of renowned fairness and dedication, Jessie is a student of languages and cultures. She has spoken Chinese for over 30 years and recently took on Japanese in an intensive immersion course. She has lived in Taiwan as well as Philadelphia, traveled widely, and now lives in rural Kaua'i, Hawai'i.

She has been a teacher and guide with school children, with immigrants, at botanical gardens and historical sites. She is also a tango dancer, plays saxophone and guitar, and has a growing interest in caterpillar biology and conserving where they live.

Jessie has served on the boards of the Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trusts, Springside School and Morris Arboretum. The GDFCF is her first deep experience in the New World tropics (she was nearly eaten by Volcan Rincon de la Vieja) and she brings a broadly experienced eye.