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"Saving the World's Oceans One Coral at a Time"


Juliana McKenna and GDFCF Board Member Frank Joyce getting ready to dive (Photo by Jacquie McKenna)

Juliana McKenna, a teenager from Boulder, Colorado, chose ACG’s Sector Marino as the site of a recent community service project. Juliana lived in Monteverde for five months last year and took that time to develop this project. She knew she wanted to focus on marine biology and get certified in scuba diving. Working with GDFCF board member Frank Joyce, who served as her mentor for the project, Juliana funded and helped facilitate the placement of two moorings at the site of Bajo Rojo, a coral reef near the town of Cuajiniquil that is often used by fishermen, tourists and researchers. The moorings will help the coral and marine life in that area by reducing the number of anchor placements and anchor dragging across sensitive reefs. Once back in Boulder, Juliana gave a presentation about her work in ACG, saying, “I have loved the ocean for as long as I can remember and have wanted to be a marine biologist for a long time.” She also organized a fundraising event that raised over $500 for GDFCF marine research. Thanks, Juliana!

Julianna McKenna      
Juliana McKenna with her presentation (Photo by Jacquie McKenna)