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A Rodent of Unusual Size, Tylomys watsoni (Cricetidae)

Photos of the Week

Estacion Biologica Cacao, 1,100 m (3,500 feet) elevation on Volcan Cacao, Area de Conservacion Guanacaste, 29 Dec 2012. Team DHJ, WH, Angel and Nela Solis. (photo & text credit: D.H. Janzen)

Tylomys watsoni comes in from the cold and windy night. Volcan Cacao, 29 Dec 2012.

Hmm. Just who are these noisy creatures that have invaded my kitchen?

Oops, now they are sending my photo all over Costa Rica.

Ah, but I guess that is OK - they gave me a nice long spaghetti and I ate every millimeter. Yum.

WOW! A whole piece of bread! The cloud forest was never this good.

I am determined to get it.

Now I can eat in peace.

I think I better get a better look at this invasive species.


I am going to show them my nose and ask what they think?

Am I worried? No, I am so fast that when they flash that picture light in my face I have already tipped my head back before the camera gets me; that is how Tylomys watsoni (Cricetidae) just is. Pretty nifty name me thinks.