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Chacon et al 2012

Chacon et al. 2012. A new species of Opsiphanes Doubleday, [1849] from Costa Rica (Nymphalidae: Morphinae: Brassolini), as revealed by its DNA barcodes and habitus.

This is the formal scientific description of Opsiphanes jacobsorum, a new rare species of big ACG butterfly previously misidentified as a common one, discovered by DNA barcoding and the caterpillar inventory. The lead author, Isidro Chacon, is a curator in INBio (Instituto Nacional de Biodiversity), with more than 30 years of field and collection experience in Costa Rica, and supported by the JRS Biodiversity Foundation through GDFCF. The new species name is dedicated to two GDFCF major donors.

PDF (1.2 MB), 16 pages