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ACG: A Flagship Case Study in Natural Restoration


The natural restoration story of ACG has been chosen as a Flagship Case Study by the Crowther Lab, Forestoration International, and Restor. Restor is an open science platform for ecosystem restoration; it connects people to scientific data, supply chains, funding, and each other to increase the impact, scale, and sustainability of restoration efforts. To be chosen as a case study means ACG was selected from thousands of restoration actions around the world due to its pioneering efforts, proven track record of success, and potential for scaling. The case studies are designed to provide inspiration and valuable learning experiences for other restoration journeys. You can read the case study, which is an excellent distillation of the long and complex story of how ACG came to be, here (it is #11). And you can see ACG on the Restor platform here. We are grateful to Robin Chazdon of Forestoration International for her dedication to getting the story right and her efforts toward ensuring the final product accurately reflected our work.

Regenerating tropical dry forest in ACG during the dry season. The lands depicted in this photo were ancient pasture 50-200 years ago, with just dotted individual trees and small patches of badly damaged forest. Photo taken in 2017 by Felipe Chavarría.