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Dr. Eugenie "Jenny" Phillips-Rodríguez

Eugenie Phillips-Rodríguez (Jenny) is a Costa Rican biologist/entomologist/taxonomist. For 33 years, Jenny has played a central role in Costa Rican biodiversity management, ecology and systematics.  Her current taxonomic efforts are with the small moths (Tortricidae, Crambidae, Depressarriidae) of Costa Rica. Throughout these activities, Jenny has worked closely with ACG parataxonomists (including being their instructor in early courses) and with those in other Conservation Areas.

Simultaneously, Jenny is deeply involved in the biopolitcs and technical needs of the nascent stages of BioAlfa, Costa Rica’s new steps toward becoming bioliterate through contributions by everyone.  Since 1 January 2019, she is an Associate Scientific Advisor to GDFCF. Both Jenny and Roberto Fernández are supported by the GDFCF Science Advisor Endowment. Jenny will continue her taxonomic research, now broadened to cover all of Costa Rica, rather than just ACG species. Jenny is a Biology graduate of the Escuela de Biología, Universidad de Costa Rica, and her Ph.D. is from the University of California at Berkeley.