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UCR Awards an Honorary Doctorate to Dr. Dan Janzen


"Biologist Daniel Janzen will receive the highest distinction from the UCR" (photo courtesy of www.quo.es)

On September 7, 2021, the University of Costa Rica bestowed an honorary doctorate to Dr. Dan Janzen. In a solemn ceremony in San José, UCR, at the initiative of the Department of Biology, recognized Dan for his contributions to the conservation of tropical ecosystems around the world, his devotion to researching Costa Rican biodiversity, and his decades of work in Área de Conservación Guanacaste. The university also noted Dan’s more than 500 scientific publications, and his book, “Natural History of Costa Rica,” which remains the most complete study, to date, of Costa Rican biodiversity. They further recognized Dan for his pioneering use of DNA barcoding, which is used to identify species and further the understanding of biodiversity in the tropics and worldwide. For the University Council, “Dr. Janzen’s professional career is consistent with the principles and purposes of the University of Costa Rica, and his contributions, from teaching, research and social action, are transcendental not only for Costa Rica, but also for the conservation of world biodiversity.” An UCR article regarding the honorary doctorate is here and a video of the ceremony is here (both in Spanish).