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Spotlight on PEB Teacher Eduardo Artavia Durán

Eduardo Artavia Durán and a student study the role of mutualism on an ant acacia tree (Vachellia collinsii)
The Programa de Educación Biologica (PEB) is a decades-long program, supported in part by GDFCF, which teaches in-the-field natural history and science education to hundreds of elementary school children who live in the communities surrounding Area de Conservación Guanacaste. Eduardo Artavia Durán, who started working with PEB in April of this year, is the newest PEB teacher. Originally from a rural part of San José, Eduardo has lived in Guanacaste for 10 years. With a degree in Engineering in Forestry and Wildlife Management, Eduardo has conducted research, primarily on bats, at Barra Honda and Palo Verde National Parks. Along with his research, he has been teaching environmental education to children since 2011. He also has several awards under his belt, including the Alexander Skutch scholarship for ornithological research and the RELCOM Prize for oral modality for a presentation on cave bats. “Working with PEB,” he says, “has been a new experience with new challenges. The PEB methodology is very interesting – it has helped me to learn a lot while teaching via experiential experiences. In PEB, I can apply the knowledge I have acquired over a decade of professional development to my work teaching the children. I also am surrounded by very good professionals with whom to share and learn. I hope to be working with PEB and in ACG for as long as possible; the truth is that it is an exceptional place!”
The PEB students after a morning in the field (Both photos by Monique Gilbert)