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Dan Janzen and INBio share 2014 Blue Planet Prize


We are thrilled to announce that Dan Janzen and INBio have been awarded the very prestigious Blue Planet international prize for 2014 that has been awarded each year for more than twenty years by the Asahi Glass Foundation of Japan. The prize is awarded for “outstanding achievements in scientific research and its applications and in so doing help to solve global environmental problems.” Information on the prize can be found at: http://www.af-info.or.jp/blog/b-info_en/. Past winners have included Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, Dr. James Hansen, and Dr. Jane Lubchenco. Two prizes were awarded this year: to Dan and the national biodiversity institute of Costa Rica or INBio (which he and Winnie Hallwachs helped found), and to the economist Hermann Daly. Details about the winners here.