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The Amazing Mexican Burrowing Toad


See the Mexican Burrowing Toad, or Cone-Nosed Frog, in the video above! This amazing, and rare, footage comes to us from Drs. Alexander Wilson and Robert Puschendorf, both with the University of Plymouth, United Kingdom, who filmed the frogs while conducting research at ACG this past month. Dr. Wilson writes: "This wonderful frog has been described as a 'bag of bones' or perhaps more suitably,  as a 'rotund bag of jelly with five short protrusions (4 legs and a head).'  It is highly fossorial (adapted to burrowing underground) and is rarely seen above ground except to breed after the first heavy rains of the year. An interesting quirk is that they smell like peanut butter! This species is adapted to feeding on termites and its larvae look like miniature catfish.  Most of this video centers on R. dorsalis, but as there were other frog species calling in some of the clips, I have added a video clip of the main other species calling, the common milk frog (T. typhonius). It is located before the photos at the end."