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Yellow-naped Parrot Research in ACG


Ignacio Gutiérrez counts yellow-naped parrots as they fly into their roosting site. Photo by Monique Gilbert.

Yellow-naped parrots (Amazona auropalliata) are considered to be critically endangered by the IUCN Red List, primarily due to deforestation of their habitat and the illegal removal of young for the pet trade. To aid in the recovery of this species, GDFCF recently began supporting the work of Ignacio Gutiérrez Vargas, a master’s degree student at the University of Costa Rica. Ignacio conducts most of his research in Área de Conservación Guanacaste and surrounding areas, as the region supports a relatively healthy population of these parrots. The reason it does, says Ignacio, is due to the presence of ACG and all its protected lands. His research is focused on better understanding the distribution of parrot nests in northern Guanacaste, as well as learning what makes a nest successful. Yellow-naped parrots nest in naturally occurring cavities, preferably in palm trees, but also in mangroves. One aspect of Ignacio’s work to better understand what makes a nest successful — and to help boost population levels — is to build artificial nests and place them in areas that are safe from poaching. He is currently in the process of counting parrots at known roosting sites throughout the country. His work is hard, Ignacio says – and sometimes dangerous, such as when he is climbing trees to check on baby parrots – but, he adds, there is nothing else he would rather be doing. You can support Ignacio’s work here, and please add a note indicating your donation is to support yellow-naped parrot research.

A yellow-naped parrot in its nest. Photo by Melanie Mata.