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Portraits from Santa Rosa trail cameras, March-June 2014

Photos of the Week

All photos Area Administrativa, Sector Santa Rosa, Mar-June 2014

Two agoutis (a pair), Dasyprocta punctata. 14 April 2014

Two toads (not a pair). Traditionally called Bufo marinus but now reassigned to its original Linnean name, Rhinella marina. 28 May 2014

Two tinamous (a would-be pair), Crypturellus cinnamomeus. 14 April 2014

A crested guan, Penelope purpurascens. 14 May 2014

An agouti and two crested guans. 7 April 2014

Mouse (Liomys salvini) on a seed-collecting trip, with semi-full cheek pouches. 27 March 2014

Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus). 13 May 2014

Ctenosaur (Ctenosaurus similis). 7 April 2014

Photobomb: gray-necked woodrail (Aramides cajaneus) and ctenosaur. 7 April 2014

Crane hawk (Geranospiza caerulescens). 16 April 2014 

White-tailed deer with fawns (Odocoileus virginianus). 9 March 2014

Magpie jay (Calocitta formosa) with fawns. 6 April 2014

The heaviest male deer… 1 May 2014

… is half blind.  His right side, with no eye-shine, is a sunken socket. 23 April 2014

Deer fawn twins playing. 29 April 2014

Mountain lion (Puma concolor), believed to be the same hungry male seen by Rob Pringle in January… 4 April 2014

...is a deer fawn predator. A mountain lion chased down and killed a fawn the week before, at 10 pm 27 March, about 100 m away.

Not a puma, or jaguar or ocelot or margay or jaguarundi. A feral house cat (Felis catus), not legal or welcome in this refuge for wild creatures. 10 June 2014

Spider monkey and kid (Ateles geoffroyi). 17 March 2014

Spider monkey and kid and lots of other spider monkeys. 8 March 2014

Spider monkey and a lone exiled white-faced monkey (Cebus capucinus) drinking together. 8 March 2014

Woodrail and deer and magpie jay and bird tail in flight above. 16 apr 2014