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Nancite Repairs Are Underway


A tractor, loaded with supplies, headed to the Estación Nancite trailhead (photo by Luis Fonseca)

On Monday, May 10, the long-awaited repairs to Estación Nancite began. This station, one of the most remote in Área de Conservación Guanacaste, is in a dangerous state of disrepair and needs a new roof and numerous other fixes in order to make it safe and habitable once again. The process, led by marine turtle biologist Luis Fonseca López, who conducts much of his research out of the station, began with hauling the materials to the site. Over the weekend, a team of volunteers braved a muddy road to the trailhead, an effort that involved clearing trees and other brush so the vehicles could pass. From the trailhead, the station is another three kilometers by a rough trail not passable by vehicles, so all the materials were carried the rest of the way by hand  - no easy task!

We are so thankful to the volunteers for helping get the materials to the station AND to all those who donated to our GlobalGiving Foundation crowdfunding campaign last September - those funds made this work possible. Stay tuned - we will continue to update the website and our social media outlets with information on the repairs.

Volunteers get ready to head to Nancite (photo by Guillermo Pereira)