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Estación Pitilla Gets a Much-Needed Makeover!


Estación Pitilla with its new roof (photo by Alejandro Marín).

The iconic Estación Biológica Pitilla underwent some much-deserved and needed remodeling this spring, with upgrades to just about everything, including the entrance sign. Many ACG visitors, students, and researchers spend at least a portion of their time at Estación Pitilla, so it is one of the most well-known and visited of the stations. We are so thankful to the renovation team: parataxonomists Petrona Ríos, Manuel Ríos, Calixto Moraga, and Freddy Quesada; along with Erasmo Coronado, GDFCF Project Assistant; and Sigifredo Marín, GDFCF Project Manager, and Alejandro Marín, Apprentice to the Project Manager, along with other workers, for their efforts to restore the station. Estación Pitilla now has an entirely new roof, a more solid foundation, new wood for the walls and flooring, as needed, and an overall deep cleaning. In addition, the kitchen – which is the heart of the station – was completely renovated, with a new working area for preparing the meals. Even the road to the station was upgraded, although that may not last as long as the renovations!

The old sign, and the new one (photos by Alejandro Marín).

The renovation team at work, from left to right: Calixto Moraga, Manuel Ríos, Freddy Quesada, and Sigifredo Marín (photo by Alejandro Marín).    

The old floors, and the new ones (photos by Alejandro Marín).