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Federico Matarrita

Federico Matarrita is an information systems engineer who started working with ACG as a volunteer in 2011. Soon after, he oversaw the creation of a new website and trained the Area's parataxonomists in methods for putting their work online. He now works to expand the reach of ACG's biodevelopment mission through web-based projects with staff and other collaborators from across ACG. Working with ACG holds a deep personal meaning for Federico. His grandparents owned one of the farms that was purchased to create Guanacaste National Park and he's spent many years hiking, biking and birding in and around the conservation area. Through his work at ACG, Federico became interested in the intersection of biology and computer science which led him to pursue a master's degree in bioinformatics and systems biology at Universidad de Costa Rica. Prior to his work with ACG, Federico was a business analyst at Hewlett Packard and IT manager at an online stock exchange; he has also worked as a consultant for many years, helping small businesses with their online presence.