Photos of the Week

Parataxonomists construct their "internet cafe" in the rain forest near Estacion Quica

Sometimes the cellular signal comes to you; sometimes you have to go to it.

At Estacion Quica, on the Caribbean side, in rainy rain forest, Dinia Martinez, Ricardo Calero, Manuel Rios and Freddy Quesada building a shelter on a site where the cellphone signal enters.

A Rodent of Unusual Size, Tylomys watsoni (Cricetidae)

The night the invaders came, bearing whole wheat spaghetti.

Tylomys watsoni comes in from the cold and windy night. Volcan Cacao, 29 Dec 2012.

The Los Trogones Bird Club

Steven, Minor, Melanny, Maria Fernanda y Harold of bird club Los Trogones scanning the forest edge of misty San Cristobal during the ACG Christmas Bird Count 2012.