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More Things We'd Like to Do

Three parataxonomists and a laptop computer in the small wooden shelter they have just built for rain-free internet access.
Edwin Apu (center) with other parataxonomists Duvalier Briceno (with computer) and Ricardo Calero testing the internet shelter they have just built for Edwin in the rainforest at the spot where the cellphone signal enters.

ACG is a wildland and protected areas management unit that is planned in accordance with its mission of keeping its biodiversity and ecosystems alive and healthy. This creates an ongoing climate of ever-emerging things that GDFCF as ACG's non-profit partner "would like to do” to assist ACG's biodiversity mission. Some of these are one-time events (such as building a much needed remote wireless station for parataxonomists in the field - pictured above), and some are activities which germinate and blossom into major pillars of ACG success. This is how signature programs of today such as Programa de Educacion Biologica (PEB), parataxonomists, DNA barcoding, or Payments for Environmental Services all began.

Of course our dreams and ACG's dreams are larger than our and their means.

But decades of ACG experience have pointed to the need for additional focused programs and budget support in the areas of:

  • marine and estuarine conservation
  • ecotourism infrastructure and personnel
  • development of non-damaging biodiversity and ecosystem services

Becoming even more user-friendly is always good for any large conserved wildland that hopes to survive the push and pull of modern society. See Ways to Help for more information about how to support GDFCF's goals and aspirations.

“Forests and Water are the Source of Life & Development” — sign in Sector Rincon Rain Forest, Area de Conservacion Guanacaste